About Moody

"Somebody out there gets you."

Moody helps you be aware of your feelings and empathize with other users.
There are some factors that make Moody special.

1. The Map

Map of Emotions

Our 2D Map of emotions is based on Dr.James A Russell's circumplex model of emotions. His model, which is cited broadly in many psychological and affective states research, allows for a 2D distribution mapping of emotions.

In most SNS where you share emotions, your interaction with content decides your next feed. That means interacting with sad content will narrow down your feed to sad content. This could be problematic, because you might get encaged in your own filter bubble.

Instead, we wanted to give you the power to choose what content you can see.
You can navigate through contents of emotions you're interested in, and also see how the community you're in felt over time! (How cool!)

2. The Radar


Sometimes you feel you're the only person in the world feeling a certain way. Searching for true feelings and empathy is hard.

We felt that searching for empathy is like radaring for near objects in deep ocean. There may be someone who understands you, or not. Either way, you have to scavange through the dark ocean with radar.
That's why your avatars are a cute collection of deep sea creatures : Angy (the anglerfish), Crabby (the spider-crab), Whay(the whale), Timothy Parker (the starfish), and Squee (the squid).
Have fun scavenging for creatures who understand you! We wish you luck. :)

3. The Tie


Do you ever get confused when someone "liked" when you posted about the time your cat died? We did.
Instead of the usual ways of likes and commenting, we wanted users to 'empathize' with each other. By pressing our "I feel you" button, you can connect with other users that shows in our tie graph.
We want to make a community where all users are understood by another user in some way, making a map of understanding.

Lastly, please tell us what you thought about Moody via here. We appreciate your feedback! :)

With care and love -- Bolat, Jiyoun, Kamil, Thao