Design Project Mid-Fi Prototype

Team : A’rite

Members: Thao Vu Phuong, Jiyoun Ha, Kamil Veli Toraman, Bolat Ashim


SNS bites you back : sharing your true feelings might ruin your reputation. Where else can you share your true feelings to a community that have a lot of common ground with you?

Share your true feelings within your community, anonymously, via A’Rite.

What tasks to try

  1. Discover stuffs that folks within KAIST has felt today. Happy folks? Sad folks? Nervous folks?

  2. How did YOU feel today? Shout it off!

  3. Place your avatar on the map!

  4. See other people within KAIST who felt the same way as you.

  5. React to them!

  6. Come back later!

What’s working :

What’s not working now