Development directory

  1. RecordRTC API Reference
  2. MRecordRTC API Reference
  3. MediaStreamRecorder API Reference
  4. StereoAudioRecorder API Reference
  5. WhammyRecorder API Reference
  6. Whammy API Reference
  7. CanvasRecorder API Reference
  8. GifRecorder API Reference
  9. Global API Reference

Wanna Contribute?

mkdir node_modules
npm install --save-dev

# install grunt for code style verifications
npm install grunt-cli@0.1.13 -g

npm install grunt@0.4.5
npm install grunt-bump@0.7.0
npm install grunt-cli@0.1.13
npm install grunt-contrib-clean@0.6.0
npm install grunt-contrib-concat@0.5.1
npm install grunt-contrib-copy@0.8.2
npm install grunt-contrib-uglify@0.11.0
npm install grunt-contrib-watch@1.1.0
npm install grunt-jsbeautifier@0.2.10
npm install grunt-replace@0.11.0
npm install load-grunt-tasks@3.4.0

Compile distribution


# or auto compile
grunt watch

It will generate RecordRTC.js and RecordRTC.min.js in the main directory.

Success? Make a pull request!